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Our Human Resources

    Mission Statement

    Bennett’s Petroleum Supplies Pty Ltd in all decisions will take social, economic and environmental factors into consideration when setting the strategic direction of the Company.

    Our mission is to set standards of excellence in providing our customers quality products with the greatest service possible.

    The company’s success is characterised by our responsiveness to the needs of our customers and at its foundations we are constantly working to adapt and engage our evolving customer base.

    At Bennett’s Petroleum, the future of our employee’s is of great importance to the Company. We understand that in today’s rapidly evolving workplace, it is important to ensure an employee’s skills remain relevant and prevalent to perform to the best of their ability and to position themselves for a bright future.

    Our aim is to provide the necessary support and guidance to ensure employees continue to learn and mature to achieve their best within the Company.

    At Bennett’s Petroleum, we believe safety is the most important aspect of any business. We therefore do everything in our power to ensure our employees leave work in the same condition they arrived.

    As our staff are employed in various facets of the business, our training courses are tailored to suit an employees position within the Company.

    Our drivers undertake a number of industry tailored safety training courses throughout the year to ensure their safety and wellbeing within the organisation. Prior to commencing their employment, drivers are required to undergo a number of tests to ensure they are fit for work.

    QuickStep training is administered by the store coach upon initiation into Bennett’s Petroleum. This Store Orientation covers key policies and procedures and are reviewed systematically, key topics include; EHS, Trade Practices, Anti Discrimination, Food Handling, Tobacco Training, and LPS.