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    Terry Bennett
    Managing Director
    Date of Appointment: 1 April, 1977

    Originally based in Huonville and working solely as a distributor for Caltex under the partnership of TM & RJ Bennett, Terry’s vision evolved when he relocated to the Golden Fleece depot at Self’s Point in 1977 and formed Bennett’s Petroleum Supplies Pty Ltd.

    Following the purchase of his first service station in New Town in 1982, Terry identified a number of key areas in Tasmania’s South in which to expand his business. Over the years, Terry acquired properties in these areas, creating a sound network of retail sites throughout Southern Tasmania.

    Nowadays, Terry maintains a committed involvement in the day to day operations of the company with help from his son and General Manager of Bennett’s Petroleum, Troy Bennett.

    Terry and wife, Rosemary also own and operate Home Hill winery on their property at Ranelagh. 
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    Troy Bennett 
    Chief Executive Officer
    Date of Appointment: 1 May, 2002

    As General Manager of Bennett’s Petroleum, Troy’s role covers a range of business activities such as; human resources, marketing, property development, retail development, and contracts.

    Growing up, Troy worked in a number of different roles within the Company. However, it wasn’t until May 2002, after returning from a stint overseas, that Troy took on the role of General Manager.

    Troy holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Diploma in Education and is a member of the Institute of Company Directors.
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    Larry Sweetten 
    Chief Financial Officer
    Date of Appointment: 24 March, 2003

    Larry is a Certified Practicing Accountant and covers accounting and financial services, administration, business advisory, systems management and general management.

    He has over 30 years of professional experience in a wide range of manufacturing and service industries, both within Tasmania and New South Wales.

    Larry holds a Bachelor of Business, is a Certified Practicing Accountant and is a member of Chartered Secretaries Australia.
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    David Kamprad 
    Chief Operations Officer
    Date of Appointment: 25 June, 2013

    As Chief Operations Officer, David manages our team of drivers and our tanker fleet. David uses his diverse knowledge of the industry to ensure our company is operating safely and within the regulations of Dangerous Goods compliance.


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      Brian Webber 
      Scheduling Manager
      Date of Appointment: 18 April, 1994

      Brian is responsible for optimising the efficiencies in transporting fuel to customers in addition to ensuring the safety and education of truck drivers. His role works in conjunction with the Bennett’s Petroleum Commercial Business Manager, Tony Pearce to deal with impacts of policies on our commercial business customers. 

      Brian works in conjunction with the General Manager on the development and implementation of new company policies.

      Contact Details
      Phone: 03 6242 8203
      Mobile: 0428 736 390
      Tony Schultz 
      Logistics Manager
      Date of Appointment: 1 February, 2016

      As Logistics Manager, Tony manages our team of drivers and our tanker fleet. Tony uses his diverse knowledge of the industry to ensure our company is operating safely and within the regulations of Dangerous Goods compliance.

      Contact Details
      Phone: 03 6242 8218
      Mobile: 0447 064 205
      Dean McKibben
      Commercial Manager
      Date of Appointment: 23 April 2018

      As Commercial Business Manager, Dean liaises with existing and potential commercial customers and in doing so provides friendly and professional service.

      Dean works to increase Bennett's Petroleum's market share while adhering to Government legislation and Company compliance. For customers wishing to create an account with Bennett’s Petroleum, contact Dean and he will provide you with the information you require.

      Contact Details
      Phone: 03 6242 8219
      Mobile: 0418 575 815
      Email: dean@bennettspetrol.com.au
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      Paul Hanslow 
      Maintenance Manager
      Date of Appointment: 28 June, 1999

      As Maintenance Manager, Paul is responsible for the routine repairs, maintenance and installation of tanks and pumps at commercial and retail locations.

      Paul is qualified in a number of essential areas, including Fitting and Turning, Weights and Measures, Testing and Tagging, and First Aid, in addition to obtaining a Caltex Permit Officer qualification in which he issues permits for contractors he oversees.

      Contact Details
      Mobile: 0408 557 973


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        Leigh Garth 
        Credit Manager
        Date of Appointment: 27 January, 2012

        Leigh, in her role as Credit Manager is responsible for the entire credit granting process, this involves investigating and analysing risk, approving credit for potential customers and continuing lines of credit for existing customers while maintaining constant application of the Bennett's Petroleum credit policy.

        Leigh works to ensure the financial stability of the Company by ensuring the efficient, timely and accurate payment of accounts.

        Contact Details
        Phone: 03 6242 8214
        Mobile: 0417 656 931

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        Sheree Whittle 
        Fuel Card Coordinator
        Date of Appointment: 21 September, 1988

        As Fuel Card Coordinator, Sheree is responsible for issuing and maintaining Bennett’s Petroleum Z Cards and Distributor Cards.

        Her role includes performing daily downloads and updates for all DCA sites and the blocking of fuel cards in addition to the maintenance of the Company’s pricing structure.

        Sheree also provides Payroll and Human Resources support.

        Contact Details
        Phone: 03 6242 8205