4 fun road trip hacks you need to know

Make your road trip smoother with these fun hacks!

Road trips can push the cleanliness and peace of a car to its limits. Next time you set out for a drive around Tasmania, use these road trip hacks to keep your car organised, tidy and fun. 

1. Use a cereal container as a rubbish bin

To make a compact, portable bin, buy a plastic cereal container and line it with a plastic bag. That will give you a compact bin the you can slip down the side of the seat or in a seat pocket. It will help you keep food wrappers, popsicle sticks, and other road trip rubbish from gathering on the floor of your car. 

2. Use a muffin tray as a drinks holder

If you are cramming a few people into your car, you'll probably want to stop and hydrate at some point. instead of having everyone cradle their paper cups, you can pop them into a muffin tray. Ideally, put the tray inside a plastic container to make sure there are no sticky spills.

3. Hang a wall organiser with pockets off one of the front seats

Find (or make) a wall organiser. When you hang it over the headrest of one of the front seats, it can become activity central. Fill up the pockets with games, activities, pencils and paper, or even stuff it with snacks. The contents of the organiser are easily accessible for the passengers in the back seats and it will help keep chaos under control in the car (as long as everything gets put back in the pockets!)

To make a wall organiser yourself, just sew pockets onto a rectangle of sturdy fabric and fix a piece of dowelling rod across the top. 

4. Put your contact details on your phone lock screen

Here's one for the busy adults: In case the worst happens and you lose your phone in the mad rush to bundle everyone back into the car, add your contact details to the lock screen of your phone while travelling. It can be as easy as writing down an alternative phone number or your email address, taking a photo of it and setting it as the lock screen background. You'll have a much better chance of getting your phone back!

Here's one more hack for you; keep your passengers happy by pulling into Mood Food when you're driving through Kempton. The food and coffee are sure to keep everyone satisfied!


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