7 things you should keep always in your car

All you need for a road trip are some good friends - and these seven things.

Your car probably has some spare change, fast food wrappers and old receipts floating around in it. But does it also have road trip essentials?

Here are a few things you should always keep in your car to make sure you're prepared for anything when travelling around Tasmania.

1. A blanket

A blanket is a necessity for impromptu picnics. It's also handy if you ever get stuck somewhere and need to sleep in your car.

2. A map

Having an app on your phone is good, having a road map in the glove box is even better. Sure, smartphones can do pretty much anything these days, but what do you do when you run out of battery or lose data connection? A good, old-fashioned paper map will never let you down. 

Never get lost again by keeping a map in your car. Never get lost again by keeping a map in your car.

3. Music

Because no road trip would be complete without some epic songs. Driving for long distances can get boring and music is a great way to break up the monotony. Stock up on your favourite sing-alongs and warn your passengers to strap themselves in for some great renditions. Just be sure your tunes don't distract you from the road. 

4. Duct tape

The do-it-all wonder tape should be somewhere on hand every time you leave the house. Duct tape can fix pretty much everything, so whatever problem is thrown at you during a road trip, you have a reasonable chance of being able to solve it temporarily with duct tape. 

5. Sunscreen

When driving around Tasmania, you are inevitably going to want to stop and check out all the great things to see. Don't let the strong sun get you  – always be prepared for spontaneous outdoors adventures by packing a bottle of sunscreen in your car.

Keep some sunscreen handy for those spontaneous beach stops!Keep some sunscreen handy for those spontaneous beach stops!

6. Tissues, toilet paper, or wet wipes

Handy for cleaning up messes in the car as well as out, and for those roadside toilets that haven't had toilet paper since the early 2000s. Wet wipes are great for sticky fingers after eating, or can be used instead of a shower in a pinch!

7. Small first aid kit

You don't need to have a stockpile of bandages, but a few plasters and some painkillers can go a long way towards making driving more comfortable. To avoid getting distracted while driving, it's good to be able to nip headaches in the bud, or deal with minor cuts and scratches. 

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