Our range of lubricants is led by our flagship petrol engine oils; Havoline Fully Synthetic and Havoline Premium Plus, and Delo® 400 Multigrade for diesel engines.

The advanced technology in Caltex Havoline Fully Synthetic and Havoline Premium Plus is specifically designed to cut fuel consumption by reducing engine friction and other power losses.

Full Range of Caltex Lubricants

Gear Oils

Thuban® GL-5 EP SAE 80W-90 and 85W-140


Extreme Pressure Automotive Gear Oil

Pack Sizes

205L, 60L, 20L, 4L.
SAE 80W-90 also available in 1L

Product Code

2116, 2117


High performance, multipurpose, thermally stable, EP automotive gear lubricant formulated with “clean gear” technology for applications where API GL-5 and/or API MT-1 performance is required.

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