Welcome to Bennett's Petroleum,
Tasmania, Australia

A spectacularly hard working, innovative and consistent history marks the development of Bennett’s Petroleum Supplies Pty Ltd. In 1977 Terry Bennett became a Distributor of Caltex Petroleum in Southern Tasmania and named his company Bennett’s Petroleum Supplies Pty Ltd.. From wholesale distribution to established retail sites, the Company with its dedicated staff, stand firmly entrenched in the market place.

Bennett’s Petroleum Pty Ltd along with the partnerships of T.M. and R.J. Bennett, employ approximately 130 people. This figure continues to increase as the company expands.

Over the years, particularly in the last two decades, the company’s strategy has revolved around creating an established retail front, securing their position in the market and the minds of the consumer.

Bennett’s Petroleum Supplies Pty Ltd offers its customers, employees and business associates a relationship which is honest, dynamic and above all, futuristic.