Mood Food is so much more than just a roadhouse, it is an integral part of the Tasmanian travel experience

Where we’ve been

The first store was built in 1973 on the Midland Highway, just outside Kempton with the foresight that one day many of the small but iconic Tasmanian towns throughout the Midlands would be bypassed and travellers would look to the iconic roadhouse as an oasis on their long trip.

A lot has changed since 1973, but the core Mood Food values remain the same. We have a passion for great quality products; from our trained baristas and the magic they weave with our coffee brand, to our gourmet sandwich flavour combinations, and even our range of premium fuels, we promote quality throughout the Mood Food brand. These quality products along with our extensive menu, family friendly stores, free wifi, and spotless facilities, make Mood Food the ultimate Tasmanian Roadhouse.

Where we’re going

We are building a network of sites throughout Tasmania with a focus on energy – providing the energy sources and services to keep Tasmanian locals and explorers moving throughout their travels around our beautiful island state.

We focus on the future and what that will mean for Tasmania. Our research and investment into renewable energy at our stores will ensure Mood Food is there to cater to all customer and vehicle combinations for the decades to come.

Mood Food are committed to providing a variety of high quality, tasty and nutritious food choices. We are focused on building strong long-term relationships with our suppliers by integrating social, ethical and environmental factors into our supplier selection processes.

We are so excited to launch new sites under the Mood Food brand to give customers an assurance of the quality products they have come to expect from Mood Food. Watch this space!

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